Kavalourko is located near Panormos and is about 29 km from Chora.
Look for Aeolus carved into the rocks.



Other Sights


In every corner of Tinos you will find chapels . It is estimated that they exceed 1,000!


The program “Alternative Forms of Tourism – Promotion of Routes of Cultural Interest” restored and marked paths in areas of special cultural interest. Ten official hiking routes in Tinos.


Well -preserved pigeons , which have been restored and are real works of art


The village of Volax in Tinos. The “lunar” landscape of the village is unique. Volax is a meeting point for climbers from all over the world for bouldering.


Pyrgos is the largest village of Tinos, declared a traditional settlement, and one of the most picturesque places in the Cyclades. It developed into a leading artistic center that highlighted many of the most important Greek artists.


The imposing mountain Exomburgo , In the imposing and steep Xomburgo, with the old Venetian castle, about 70 sports routes were initially opened

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